Alstom is proud to be associated with the Polish Government as they host this year’s UNFCCC Conference of the Parties (COP19) in Warsaw from 11th – 22nd November 2013.

Alstom is a global leader in the world of power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure, setting the benchmark for innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. We ensure that our solutions are conceived through a lifecycle design approach: every step of a product’s life - from materials and manufacture, to daily operation and maintenance and finally to recycling and recovery - is taken into account and adapted to sustainability needs whenever possible. 


  • In power generation, we're working to make all forms of generation more efficient, sustainable and reliable. E.g. our wind turbines use PURE TORQUE™ ® technology that reduces maintenance outage. Our gas turbines deliver the highest levels of part-load efficiency to support the integration of renewables in electricity markets. And our upgrading of existing steam plants improves their efficiency and reduces their emissions. The power plants we've helped build and upgrade since 2002 have reduced our customers' collective CO2 footprint by 207m tones of CO2 per year compared to business-as-usual.
  • In electricity transmission, Alstom is supporting the integration of renewables with high-voltage AC and DC equipment and with smart grid solutions. We're applying the data management capability of digital technology to power grids and making transmission more efficient with supergrid highways for transmission of bulk power over long distances. We're supporting these technologies with network design and market-balancing solutions.
  • In rail transport, Alstom provide low-carbon, energy-efficient and sustainable rolling stock and equipment for long-distance, regional and urban transit. We're reducing the weight and energy-consumption of our trains, metros and trams. We're innovating with recuperative braking via our HESOP substation that injects a train’s braking energy back into the power grid, delivering energy savings of up to 15%. Alstom is also making our trains more than 90% recyclable and supporting the decommissioning of end-of-life rolling stock.

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