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Committed to making a difference to the environment

Emirates launched daily flights to Warsaw in February this year, allowing passengers from Poland and Central Eastern Europe to benefit from excellent flight connections across Emirates’ extensive network. The route has been so popular that Emirates has already announced it will upgrade the aircraft servicing the route to a Boeing 777-300 from 2014. This will increase capacity to some 5,000 seats a week and provide access to key destinations like Dubai, Bangkok, Delhi, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur and Australia.

Passengers in all cabins can enjoy Emirates’ award-winning service, meals prepared by gourmet chefs and hundreds of channels of entertainment including movies, television programmes, games, audio books and music from across the world. Passengers flying First Class with Emirates can enjoy a very generous baggage allowance of 50kg, in Business Class, 40kg and in Economy Class, a sizable 30 kg. Our chauffeur-drive service is available to both First Class and Business Class passengers.

Emirates is one of the world’s fastest growing airlines with one of the youngest fleets. The average age of our aircraft is just over six years, compared to the global average of more than 11 years. From a performance standpoint, this translates into an extremely fuel-efficient fleet with average emissions per-passenger-kilometre - 16.6% better than the International Air Transport Association’s global fleet average.

As a partner of the Warsaw Climate Change Conference, Emirates is seeking to highlight its commitment to managing the environmental impact of its operations and the success it is achieving in implementing measures to reduce the effect on our planet.

Emirates’ commitment to eco-efficiency means multi-billion dollar investments in the most modern, eco-efficient technology available. Our performance in the air and the way we operate our aircraft make a big difference to our environmental impact. From technology which allows us to optimise the route of a flight to single engine taxiing where possible and the use of fixed electrical ground power while parked at the gate, Emirates constantly strives to ensure its environmental performance continually improves.

Emirates has the world’s largest fleet of A380s - specifically deployed on high density routes where extra capacity is needed - these A380s reduce congestion at airports and lead the industry for quiet, environmentally-friendly operations.

Becoming an ecologically-efficient organisation means growing our business to be economically sustainable - right across the Emirates Group we are pioneering initiatives: re-cycling paper and cardboard in our offices; re-cycling a range of materials including aluminium foil, cans and plastic bottles at our on-board catering centre; reclaiming aluminium seat frames, cables, electronics and textiles during the refurbishment of our aircraft cabins and our drive to collect clothing for re-cycling. Right across our business we believe we can achieve benefits for our customers, the environment and our business.


Emirates have prepared a special promotion for COP19 delegates.

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