IKEA Group

Tackling climate change is essential for this generation and for generations to come. At IKEA Group, we believe that a transition to a green economy is not only possible, but is critical to our future economic growth. 

Through our People & Planet Positive 2020 strategy we are transforming our business by becoming more energy efficient and investing in renewable energy, supporting our suppliers to do the same and enabling our customers to live a more sustainable life at home.  By 2020, we will produce as much energy from renewable sources as the total energy we use in our buildings. We are well on the way with around 550,000 solar panels now installed on our buildings, 96 wind turbines in operation and another 41 under construction. To get us even closer to our goal of 100% renewable energy, we have committed  EUR 1.5 billion to invest in renewable energy up until 2015.

With household bills on the rise, we are enabling millions of people to save money by reducing energy, water and waste. For example by 2016, we are converting all our lighting range to energy efficient LED, which use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 20-times longer. In the last financial year, we sold around 22 million LED products, including 12 million LED bulbs. The LED bulbs alone enabled our customers to save enough energy to meet the annual electricity needs of around 136,000 homes.

Currently 3 IKEA stores in Poland – in Łódź, Gdańsk and Kraków benefit from the solar panels on their roofs to heat the water. In addition the IKEA store in Łódź and distribution center in Jarosty use the ground heat exchangers cooperating with heating pumps for heating and cooling (air condition) facilities. IKEA has also invested in three wind farms located in Bukowsko, Leki and Rymanów in Southern Poland.  The investment in the wind farms will enable the production of energy at the level of approximately 78GWh and is a next step towards sustainable development, energy generation from renewable sources and reduction carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere. In the beginning the wind energy will be delivered only to local receivers, but In the future IKEA hopes also to use it for their own needs.  Poland is the fith country In Europe where the company has purchased the wind farm.

IKEA Group is proud to support COP19 in Warsaw through a donation of furniture to help with the logistical arrangements for the conference. All furniture will be donated to Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw.