International Paper - Kwidzyn Sp. z o.o.

International Paper - Kwidzyn Sp. z o.o., which was acquired by International Paper in 1992, is a manufacturer of POL office papers, offset papers, coated board and newsprint Presso made in 100% from wastepaper. Paper production is performed with maximum effort to protect the environment, and company environmental liability is defined in the "Environmental Charter," which includes compliance with applicable laws on environmental protection, training of employees and their liability for the observance of environmental regulations, giving priority to environmental issues in everyday operations and planned activities as well as prudent management of natural resources, in particular through the implementation of sustainable forest management practices.

The company has completed a number of investments in order to minimize the impact on the environment, including reduced air emissions by installing high-efficiency electrostatic precipitators for power boilers (efficiency level of 99%), implementation of responsible water management and elimination of elemental chlorine from the production process. As part of water management the company is monitoring and executing corrective actions connected with water consumption and the emission of pollutants to wastewater, and re-using heated wastewater from industrial cooling process in the manufacturing processes. In addition, with a view to improving quality of life for residents of the town and surrounding areas, the company is constantly working to increase the effectiveness in reducing noise and odor nuisance, e.g. by installing an NCG and SOG incinerator. In matters related to environmental protection the company also supports the town by treating municipal effluents in the company wastewater treatment plant and providing heat generated in the company combined heat and power plant. The organization of production, environmental protection and working conditions is based on an integrated management system, including ISO certificates 9002, 14001 and PN EN 18001.

One of the main objectives of International Paper is the continuous improvement of results achieved in the field of environmental protection, aiming to reduce emission  of pollutants to water and air and to minimize the amount of generated waste. Based on these objectives, the company has completed many projects in the field of sustainable development, such as the establishment of Europe's largest plantation of fast-growing poplar trees. The aim is to plant 10 thousand hectares of poplars, which eventually will be used as biomass or raw material for paper production. Plantations are also an important element in stimulating the rural economy, and creating jobs in local communities and setting them within a radius of 150 km from the plant will enable the company to minimize the carbon footprint associated with the transport of the raw material to the plant. International Paper - Kwidzyn is also a significant producer of green energy. At present, 55% of the energy produced in IP Kwidzyn comes from renewable sources, such as bark burned in power boilers for electricity and heat. The company is also the largest recycler in the region, using more than 140 thousand tons of 100% recycled newsprint fiber per year, and all products made from virgin fiber are FSC ® certified, which confirms the use of fibers derived exclusively from forests managed in a responsible manner while maintaining a complete supply chain. IP Kwidzyn has its own oxygen generation plant and uses the oxygen in water treatment and pulp bleaching, and one of the measures for reducing CO2 emissions is the use of tens of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide per year for the production of paper.

International Paper - Kwidzyn is actively working in the field of environmental education, promoting paper recycling by means of the campaign "Seventh Heaven for Newspaper", addressed to students from schools and educational institutions in the region. Once a year, as part of the campaign the company organizes the collection of wastepaper, which is exchanged for copy paper or small gifts for the children.

International Paper is committed to respecting, protecting and improving the environment. This means that we act in accordance with all applicable laws regarding the protection of the environment, and that our business activity is conducted in a responsible and sustainable manner. As a result energy is used wisely and efficiently, and technology is employed to minimize any risk of environmental impact.

IP Kwidzyn also organizes a number of charity activities. IP Kwidzyn Charity Foundation completed a number of investments aimed at improving the quality of life of Kwidzyn residents, such as the renovation of the hospital and theater, construction of bicycle paths, renovated dormitory at the local Music School or the construction of the sports hall. In the past twenty years 30 million Polish zloty were spent for social and educational purposes.