High Level Panel on the role of the land sector and forests at COP19/CMP9

High Level Panel event on the land sector and forests was held on Monday, November 18th during COP19/MP9. Panel was organized by the COP19/CMP9 Presidency with the cooperation of Finland and the support from the UNFCCC secretariat. Event was co-chaired by Rachmat Witoelar from Indonesia and Ville Niinistö from Finland.

The land sector has the potential to play a significant role in increasing motivation at national level to contribute towards achieving the global 2ºC objective (as part of a package of tailored commitments which take into account countries’ respective mitigation capacity). The sector has a lot of cost-efficient mitigation potential ranging from reducing deforestation and degradation, increasing carbon stocks through different measures and substituting fossil fuels and energy-intensive materials.

While discussions on land and the land sector under the UNFCCC take place under different tracks and in a variety of fora, the objective of the event is to discuss the potential role of the land sector including forestry after 2020.

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