How to stimulate a “green” business?

Polish Ministry of the Environment has initiated programs which aim to support “green” technologies. Environment protection products financed thanks to this initiative conquer international markets and solve global ecological problems.

Since 2010 small and medium companies, considered as highly innovative and entrepreneurial, may participate in GreenEvo program initiated and managed by the Ministry of the Environment. The  program identifies best Polish technologies which contribute to environmental protection and support their international business development. More than 40 companies that operate within GreenEvo framework benefit from various sorts of help: participation in trade missions, marketing trainings, financial support or legal advise. So far participants of the program increased their average revenues by about 30 percent in first two years and nearly 60 percent as regards their exports.

Thanks to the GreenEvo program,  many companies not only increased their profits, but also contributed to protecting the environment.

To give an example, due to the technology developed by one of them trees cutting for fuel in Tanzania is being gradually limited - a mobile machine called „Biomasser” produces ecological briquette from grass and hay. A technology of another company allows to produce liquid fuel from waste plastic and is already successfully applied in India, Slovakia and Thailand. Furthermore, there are numerous similar success stories. It is not a surprise that GreenEvo became one of the nominees for the prestigious EPSA 2013 Award (European Public Sector Award). The winner will be known by the end of November.  

The expenditures on green technologies are far higher than on information and communication technologies. However, thanks to them we can prevent environmental disasters, clean the natural environment, reduce pollutions and create the so-called 'green' jobs. Investments in green technologies are crucial, no matter how wealthy the individual  countries are - said Ms Beata Jaczewska, Undersecretatry of State, Ministry of the Environment, head of Polish Delegation.

Another program supporting green innovations is GEKON – Generator of Ecological Conceptions. Its purpose is to give a financial support to science-industry consortium in a domain of research, development and implementation of environment-friendly technologies. The program was found by National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and National Center of Research and Development and its budget is amount to 400m PLN (127m USD).
Within the GEKON projects the following domains are awarded:

  • environmental aspects of unconventional hydrocarbons extraction,
  • energy efficiency and energy storage,
  • protection and rationalization of water usage,
  • clean-source energy,
  • innovative methods of gaining fuel, energy and materials from waste and waste recycling.

In the first edition of GEKON competition companies and science institutions could receive 280m PLN (89m USD): 120m PLN (38m USD) for R&D phase and 160m PLN (51m USD) for implementation phase.

GreenEvo information booth, COP19

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