Statement of President of COP19 Minister Marcin Korolec on the participation of NGOs in the Climate Summit

I regret the fact that some NGOs decided to leave the COP19 climate conference to express their disapproval towards the extending negotiations.

 Activities of non-governmental organizations are often thought to draw attention towards the issues perceived by them as important. This is how I would understand this decision.

The climate conference and non-governmental organizations share common goals  – all of us want to ensure effective climate protection. Non-governmental observers have always mobilized negotiators to greater efforts and ambitions.

Today in the morning after all-night negotiations, we have achieved considerable progress on climate finance. The talks about the shape of a new global agreement were also held throughout the night. I am convinced that we are getting closer and closer to the final success.

I hope that the voice of NGOs will remain present in the discussion on how to solve the most important problems of our planet.

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