LeasePlan Fleet Management (Polska) Sp. z o.o.

The Polish branch of LeasePlan began its operation in 2001 and is a part of the global LeasePlan Corporation N.V. - the largest supplier of Car Fleet Management services in the world, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Presently, LeasePlan Polska manages the fleet of over 20 000 vehicles for over 800 customers. In accordance with the data from the Polish Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (PZWLP), among the CFM companies associated in that organisation, LeasePlan holds the largest share in the market of exclusive management and long-term lease and the first position on the Polish Car Fleet Management market. LeasePlan offers car fleet management solutions adjusted to the individual needs of the customers. The company's activities are based on high quality and innovation of services. The offer of LeasePlan is addressed both to large international corporations and small local companies.

For many years, LeasePlan has been developing its offer with respect to solutions promoting eco-mobility, as well as the models of hybrid or electric vehicles. Since 2007, LeasePlan runs the GreenPlan programme, which is aimed at compensating emission of CO2 by planting trees, which can entirely absorb the CO2 generated by the customer's fleet. Within the framework of GreenPlan, for the last five years LeasePlan planted over 42 thousand trees, compensating emission of over 30 thousand tonnes of CO2 by the fleets of its customers. GreenPlan also allows selection of vehicles from the point of view of the lowest CO2 emission, which means significant financial benefits due to limited fuel consumption. The company calculates emission of CO2 for the entire fleet and for every vehicle separately, based on their mileage and the amount of consumed fuel, so the customer may properly select the vehicles and regularly monitor their operation.

LeasePlan has been the fleet management partner at COP14 in Poznań in 2008. The support of preparations and organisation of the Conference COP14 comprised many activities: creation and administration of the transport services supplier base, planning the routes and organisation of transport for delegations, fleet management services for vehicles transporting the leaders of foreign delegations. Efficient services for the Conference participants were delivered due to modern car fleet, which was selected considering comfort of the guests and limitation of negative impact of the environment. Thanks to using modern CNG and hydrogen combustion technologies, for the first time at that scale in Poland, it was possible to significantly limit CO2 emission. In the case of the fleet serving COP14, emission of CO2 was limited from about 5 500 kg in the case of traditional technology (petrol and diesel) to about 2 100 kg in the case of hydrogen and CNG (reduction by about 60%). Apart from minimising the impact of vehicles on the environment, LeasePlan decided to take actions compensating that impact. In the spring 2009, the company planted 300 trees, which absorbed CO2 generated during the conference within about one year.

Experience in fleet management and engagement in environment protection were among the factors deciding about cooperation of the Ministry of Environment with LeasePlan.