Leroy Merlin Poland

Leroy Merlin's mission all over the world is to contribute to improving to residents' living conditions and their comfort of life.  In tune with this philosophy, Leroy Merlin's stores are places in which you can find products and advice tailored to your needs and expectations, where thanks to the carefully selected products, you can make your dreams about a professionally built and tastefully furnished home or apartment, come true. Leroy Merlin's offer is comprised of high quality products, compliant with all safety standards and those which contribute to saving natural resources and protecting the environment.

Over 80% of the products offered at Leroy Merlin Polska stores come from verified Polish manufacturers and distributors.  Leroy Merlin's offer also includes products and solutions allowing the user to save water, energy, protect one's health and the environment. In order to facilitate the customers' choice of these products, Leroy Merlin employees have marked them with special labels: energy saving, water saving, healthy home, environmentally friendly. From among such products, customers may find an entire range of faucets with aerators, paints with a low level of VOCs, energy saving lighting, as well as building products allowing a building's energy efficiency to be improved.

In first order, the company focuses on customer satisfaction, good relations with them, acting in tune with the philosophy of sustainable development and respect for the natural environment.   

Over 80% of waste is segregated in Leroy Merlin stores. A campaign entitled "Dzieciaki Sadzeniaki” [Kids and plants], aimed at educating children on the topic of planting and looking after plants, is being conducted all over Poland. Innovative solutions, which allow for water and energy to be saved, are used in newly built stores.

Leroy Merlin employees are not indifferent to the needs of the local community, in which they operate. For years, social campaigns aimed at charitable help, educating the youngest members of society or promoting ecological behaviours, have been carried out in various stores.

There are presently 43 stores operating in Poland, which ensure convenient and reliable access to a wide range of building and decorative articles. Leroy Merlin ensures attractive prices, a high quality assortment as well as additional services (transport, assembly, financial services).

Leroy Merlin is also an on-line building-decorating store - www.leroymerlin.pl , in which you can find 48,000 products. Easy navigation and a well evaluated product search engine by the customers are the highlights of Leroy Merlin's on-line store. Apart from the products, the Leroy Merlin on-line store offers advice on the topic of building homes, interior design, looking after the garden, innovative solutions in construction as well as pictures showing interesting ideas for designing interiors and gardens.