Are you an NGO? Do you care for climate change? What are your expectations and suggestions regarding COP19? Please, share your opinion with us!

  • 23 / 09 / 2013, NGO

    "-To come up with simple ways of how to develop strategies that locals can implement with ease in order to reduce Hazards,exposure,Vulnerability and Risk to our ecosystem. -To Develop international laws and assessments of sound environmental management linked to Disaster risk reduction. -Incorporate Disaster risk reduction in environmental and natural resource management, -To conduct joint training that could address DRR practices and to devolve the same to Community Based Organisations to help them adopt to climate change -To encourage adaptation of traditional copying strategy of Disaster management/mitigation of different communities to enrich their Risk reduction to disasters. -To identify areas of overlap and Synergy ( to protect fresh water resources/sources e.g Mau Forest in Kenya,coastal reefs(to check on effects of oil spill),wetlands,dry land and forest ecosystem with big population depending on the natural resource)."

    Society Of Fire And Disaster Emergency Community Conflict Agency, Kenya