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  • 10 / 10 / 2013, ecologist

    "Your blog on the Northwest passage was outrageous. Are you aware that a Polish citizen, Tomasz Dziemianczuk, is already held for 16 days in Murmansk by the Russian FSB together with 26 other climate activists and two freelancers, because they made a stance against ongoing climate disruptive practices of in this case Gazprom? Are you aware that they are facing charges of piracy with a potential 15 years sentence? Who are you - sponsored by the largest coal polluter in Europe (PGE), two companies that undermine legislation to make cars more climate friendly (Opel and BMW), and several other companies with debatable climate profiles to throw these heroes on one heap with pirates and terrorists? Simply disgusting. Is this how the Polish presidency cares for the climate? Happy to see you pulled it. But I think some very deep self reflection is still needed. This is not a case of Polish sense of humor. This is a case of deep insensitivity to injustice - climate injustice. And could you really not find partners that try to really make an impact on the climate issue?"   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ COP19 comment: "Dear Readers, For the time being we decided to take some time away from our blog. Our idea was to focus attention on important issues that need good solutions and spark discussions on those. We did not foresee that some readers would take thepresented texts literally as the official Polish position. Notwithstanding we would like to express regret as some of you found the text to be inappropriate. We acknowledge these criticisms. It was certainly not our aim to offend anybody. We will take due care that all new articles and posts on this website are written in a clear and sensitive manner so as to avoid misunderstandings. Stay tuned for more ideas."

    Jan Haverkamp, Poland