Are you an NGO? Do you care for climate change? What are your expectations and suggestions regarding COP19? Please, share your opinion with us!

  • 18 / 10 / 2013, Executive Director

    "My opinion is to transform policies to practice because. High time we have been having forums conferences but then to practice what transpired during these meetings has been a problem. So at this juncture we need to put in place mechanisms on how best we can practice what transpired during events like this, especially to our respective countries. As we are good at attending forums we should be attending to issues that concern our people and should also be put on the ground for easily access to our fellow members or the betterment of the next generations in our respective countries.It is not an easy task in panning such conference,certainly lots of resources,like time,money,human resource and and energy being spent,But then it is not too late.We really need to focus on implementation Schedule."

    Motivation of All Modern youth Organisation MAMYO, Malawi