Are you an NGO? Do you care for climate change? What are your expectations and suggestions regarding COP19? Please, share your opinion with us!

  • 18 / 12 / 2013, Abdul Jabbar

    "we need found climate change our country" Czytaj dalej

    Chor Development Society, Bangladesh

  • 20 / 11 / 2013, Core Team Member

    "We must rise beyond greed and collective responsibility to enable us commit to ecological protection and respond efficaciously to climate change from a personal level. If we continue doing it as countries, as faith groups, as NGOs while we are yet to embrace the need for this from a personal level, we shall remain reactive and professional in blame games. I #Fast for Climate Change" Czytaj dalej


  • 19 / 11 / 2013, Abogada -Economista -Asesora Legal

    "Trabajo final 2013, del Taller de Educación Ambiental no formal para Adolescentes de la Asociación Ambientalista Mayu Sumaj, (pers. jurídica 231A/93) Córdoba Argentina." Czytaj dalej

    Asociacion ambientalista Mayu Sumaj, Argentina

  • 18 / 11 / 2013, Climate Change is the greatest threat to Development

    "We look forward to an effective management of Climate Change impacts coordinated by the UNFCCC with both mitigation and adaptation goals. To include Climate Change patterns in all national and regional environmental assessment plans is essential to minimize the disasters and to ensure the path to sustainable development is not given up." Czytaj dalej

    Hydroaid - Water for Development Management Institute, Italy

  • 18 / 11 / 2013, People are looking forward. But decision-makers?

    "It’s unbelievable despite evidence of human impacts, climate change and natural disasters there are countries still blinded by the economic issues. Society, nature and economy are strictly related with good management." Czytaj dalej

    Earth Plan Association, Spain

  • 14 / 11 / 2013, Program Advisor

    "Climate change has now become as a global phenomenon. Developed countries have greatly contributed in technological development of the world, however, they should also give this chance to developing and poor countries by helping them in transferring of environment friendly technologies for their economic development." Czytaj dalej

    SABAVOON, Pakistan

  • 13 / 11 / 2013, Researcher

    "More Policies tailored at enhancing local first approaches in mitigating Climate Change please!" Czytaj dalej

    BEA International, Kenya

  • 13 / 11 / 2013, Bangladesh

    "Unite for Environment (U4E) is a nonprofit organization which is primarily formed by young activists in order to deal with various environmental issues." Czytaj dalej

    Unite 4 Environment, Bangladesh

  • 13 / 11 / 2013, Corporate COP19

    "Who’s buying your future? #CorporateCOP19 #ReclaimTheCOP" Czytaj dalej

    New Zealand Youth Delegation, New Zealand

  • 11 / 11 / 2013, Head of Sustainable Agriculture Division

    "I wish I could be there to have a clear idea of the place given to agriculture and world-wide small producers face to the climate change effects" Czytaj dalej

    Youth Partnership and Agricultural Development, Benin

  • 11 / 11 / 2013, CEO

    "Information is power, yet information without empathy is like a physically-challenged person in the most powerful vehicle. If to save the world and human beings along with it, we need to create an empathetic culture." Czytaj dalej

    GTEC Ltd, Singapore

  • 11 / 11 / 2013, archbishop

    "1. to find ways for implementation, especially on the operation of the green fund. 2, the new agreement to focus how to get the participation of all the Parties. 3. to get lessons for the history of the Kioto Protocol (...)" Czytaj dalej

    safcei, cyprus

  • 11 / 11 / 2013, serafim kykotis

    "I am at the side event at the EU Pavilion, Brussels room, the event refers to the DURBAN ACTION GLOBAL SCENARIOS FOR 2 C: FEASIBILITY, IMPLICATIONS AND IMPACTS." Czytaj dalej

    safcei, cyprus

  • 10 / 11 / 2013, CEO

    "I expect to see more measures (policies, charters...) to preserve all rainforests, which can keep down serious climate change events." Czytaj dalej


  • 07 / 11 / 2013, Word from H.H. Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda

    "Technology has made immense of progress and development. But is this really a development or not? In medical science it is so that every kind of medicine has side-effects. You try to cure your flu but you damage the liver and kidneys and digestive system. Similarly we made immense of progress in technology, everything has become faster, but we humans face now the biggest problems and challenges." Czytaj dalej

    Sri Swami Madhavananda World Peace Council, Austria

  • 04 / 11 / 2013, volunteer

    "The issue of climate change should involve more contribution from the youth and women especially in the developing countries regarding the adaptation measures to climate variability and change." Czytaj dalej

    Sudanese Environment Conservation Society, Sudan

  • 03 / 11 / 2013, Legal Adviser

    "As the legal adviser of Carbon Emission Trading Cameroon i want to say that Climate Change is real and so the entire world has to put their ideas,knowledge,and wisdom in order to combat what today is a treat to the entire globe." Czytaj dalej

    Nkongho Walters Mbu, Cameroon

  • 02 / 11 / 2013, Coordonnateur National

    "Le Changement climatique est une réalité et ses effets n’ont pas de frontière. Ils n’épargnent aucun peuple d’aucun hameau, d’aucun Village d’aucun pays, d’aucune puissance ou sous puissance, d’aucune région du globe." Czytaj dalej


  • 02 / 11 / 2013, Chief Executive Officer

    "I would like to thank you the Government of Poland for organizing such important event and the outcome of the conference will make difference about the environment issues around the world." Czytaj dalej

    Bangladesh Rural Development Organization, Bangladesh

  • 28 / 10 / 2013, Partner

    "Climate change should be managed as an ethical issue that requires urgent attention and we should not allow discussions to be derailed by economic interferences." Czytaj dalej

    Social Responsibility Managers, Nigeria

  • 28 / 10 / 2013, Founder

    "Managing the growing process of urbanization, making more climate friendly cities, focusing more on research on how faster the carbon emission can be reduced might help in some extent." Czytaj dalej

    BYND2015 Nepal Hub, Nepal

  • 28 / 10 / 2013, Mentor

    "There are enough policies, there are enough agreements!! It's high time to re-think and act." Czytaj dalej

    Nepal Tunza Youth Environment Network (NTYEN), Nepal

  • 25 / 10 / 2013, Executive Director.

    "Individuals must incorporate environmental best practices to families, communities followed by government." Czytaj dalej

    East Africa Climate Change Network, Kenya

  • 25 / 10 / 2013, Adviser

    "Academe should be tapped to educate newly elected officials on CC adaptation and mitigation concerns. LGUs should allocate funds for research on CC and not only only on disaster risk management" Czytaj dalej

    ISAVE, Philippines

  • 25 / 10 / 2013, Dir

    "IPCC AR5 has laid out carbon budgeting in their Summary for Policy Makers as follows:" Czytaj dalej

    GCI, UK

  • 25 / 10 / 2013,

    "every individual must have learning or know about in what happening in our environment nowadays, encouraging, first, our self is necessary to have self motivation to do what we need to do, everything has its limitation, the important is, atleast we do or did our part." Czytaj dalej

    University of Southeastern Philippines- Forestry, Philippines

  • 25 / 10 / 2013, co-founder

    "In my personal opinion, I think Climate research in Africa should be intensified with passion and professionalism, empowering and encouraging African researchers to participate in high panel climate research." Czytaj dalej

    Climate Research and Outreach Group, Nigeria

  • 25 / 10 / 2013, Co-founder

    "Climate change impacts is a world of the vulnerables, the most impacted and the least empowered !!!" Czytaj dalej

    Climate Research and Outreach Group, Nigeria

  • 25 / 10 / 2013, Programas de Formacion de Multiplicadores Ambientales en Cambio Climatico y Utilidad de los residuos reciclables.

    "Somos una ONG, que desarrolla programas de saneamiento ambiental en la Republica Dominicana y desde el año 2010" Czytaj dalej

    UNIDAD DE CAMBIO CLIMATICO DE FUNDSAZURZA, Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana

  • 24 / 10 / 2013, Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark (Stop Spild Af Mad)

    "FOOD WASTE is the world's 3rd biggest contributor to the raising CO2 emissions. By cutting food waste, you can contribute to better climate, better resource efficiency and efficiency and saving money." Czytaj dalej

    Founder Selina Juul, Denmark

  • 22 / 10 / 2013, Cop 19

    "My candid opinion is that the youth and the women in the grassroot should be educated a lot more on adaptation and mitigation of climate change because they are more vulnerable." Czytaj dalej

    Nigeria Local Government Youth On Climate change And Disaster Reduction, Nigeria

  • 18 / 10 / 2013, Executive Director

    "My opinion is to transform policies to practice because. High time we have been having forums conferences but then to practice what transpired during these meetings has been a problem." Czytaj dalej

    Motivation of All Modern youth Organisation MAMYO, Malawi

  • 17 / 10 / 2013, Founder

    "Just like we are Breathing Freedom Air, we wish we can breath healthy Air!" Czytaj dalej

    Maghreb Youth Organization, Tunisia

  • 15 / 10 / 2013, Alternate Representative

    "We need to educate our families, schools, institutions, faith communities, worldwide re: the serious threats of our environment and the amount of CO2 emission" Czytaj dalej

    Congregation of Our Lady of Mount Carmel/Carmelite NGO, USA

  • 12 / 10 / 2013, Secretary & Executive Director

    "I, on behalf of my NGO, engaged in climate change practically by developing wastelands through activities e.g. planting trees, stabilizing sand dunes, checking soil erosion, combating the march of desert, harvesting rain water etc." Czytaj dalej

    Gram Bharati Samiti (GBS), India

  • 11 / 10 / 2013, CEO/PROGRAMS COORDINATOR

    "I would like to attend this conference so that I can learn from other participants about the best ways to conserve medicinal plants as a means to combat climate change." Czytaj dalej

    Prometra Kenya, KENYA

  • 10 / 10 / 2013, Chair & Founder (UN Consultand to NGO's)

    "The key element is the activity of humans who, since the beginning of the industrial revolution (around 1750), started to affect the natural environment on global scale. Response...." Czytaj dalej

    Worldview Mission (WM), Netherlands

  • 10 / 10 / 2013, ecologist

    "Your blog on the Northwest passage was outrageous." Czytaj dalej

    Jan Haverkamp, Poland

  • 09 / 10 / 2013, Environment

    "These cannot be left for the government or non-governmental organizations alone. It is our concern and above all its parts as well." Czytaj dalej


  • 09 / 10 / 2013, campaigner

    "Your webpage is currently hosting climate denier views. This is simply outrageous coming from the presidency of the COP." Czytaj dalej

    An outrage citizen, Switzerland

  • 08 / 10 / 2013, Cause and Countermeasure of Global Climate Change

    "The issue of global climate change is now extensively debated around the world. Although many people have accepted with half-believing and half-doubting the view that the emission of greenhouse gases is the primary factors in global climate change, many scientists are skeptical about this view, they have refuted this view with plenty of evidence." Czytaj dalej

    Cuixiang Zhong, China

  • 06 / 10 / 2013, NGO ASOL TOGO

    "Pour la conférence des parties qui se tiendra à varsovie au mois de Novembre, les ecologistes de quatre pays ( Benin, Burkina-Faso, Côte d’ Ivoire et Togo) veulent apporter comme message: Fond Planète et Leaders. Permettre à l’ Afrique d’aller negocier avec une envellope en main et attendre que les polleurs pontentiels contribuent en honorant leurs promesses." Czytaj dalej

    Coordonnateur, Togo

  • 02 / 10 / 2013, NEW ORIENTATION

    "We are Foundation for Empowerment and Human Rights Promotion which built our focus on humanitarian development within the scope of our community." Czytaj dalej


  • 01 / 10 / 2013, Dr. Noah Owusu-Takyi

    "Our African Organic Permaculture Design Farming Technology (OPDFT) takes care of Negative Impact of African Farming on Environment and Climate Change" Czytaj dalej

    African Farming Families Foundation Ghana(AFFFG), Ghana

  • 30 / 09 / 2013, CEO/Founder

    "i want ot participate in the up coming COP" Czytaj dalej

    Africa Youth Coalition Against Hunger Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone

  • 28 / 09 / 2013, Participation as civilsociety stakeholder

    "we would like to take part for the activities of this conference in Poland in order to meet partners and exchanging with other stakeholders." Czytaj dalej

    Volunteers Organization for Healthy Environment (ONG A.V.E.S), TOGO

  • 26 / 09 / 2013, HEAD OF DEPARTMENT



  • 23 / 09 / 2013, NGO

    "-To come up with simple ways of how to develop strategies that locals can implement with ease in order to reduce Hazards,exposure,Vulnerability and Risk to our ecosystem. (...)" Czytaj dalej

    Society Of Fire And Disaster Emergency Community Conflict Agency, Kenya

  • 21 / 09 / 2013, President/CEO.

    "In COP19/CMP9,We expect to learn,interact,exchange ideas,knowledge,skills,experiences with the Global North and South Stakeholders on Climate Change and related matters." Czytaj dalej


  • 18 / 09 / 2013, Mr

    "It can be good to use the kind of online visa application used during the COP18, Doha." Czytaj dalej

    SMEFUNDS, Nigeria

  • 17 / 09 / 2013, President General

    "COP 19/CMP9 Conference in Warsaw,Poland (Nov.11 to 22)is indeed an international Conference which time has come in respect of bringing NGOs and Civil Societies from both the Global South and North to share their experiences and show case their best practices,reflect on their achievements and challenges on area of Climate Change and related activities and the way forward!" Czytaj dalej

    United Nations of Youth Network Nigeria(UNOY), Nigeria

  • 16 / 09 / 2013, DR



  • 10 / 09 / 2013, Chief Executive Officer

    "Bangladesh Rural Development Organization works in remote village in Bangladesh promoting Environmental awareness for all." Czytaj dalej

    Bangladesh Rural Development Organization, Bangladesh

  • 09 / 09 / 2013, REGISTRATION

    "Following research to participate in an international conference on climate change, your website: caught our attention and we thank you." Czytaj dalej

    League Groups Development (LGD)-TOGO, TOGO

  • 06 / 09 / 2013, Non-for-Profit

    "Strategic plans for controlling natural disasters arising from effects of climate change must include education and use of technology at the grassroots level, for surveillance and early warning signs." Czytaj dalej

    Child Aid, Community Care & Development Initiative (CACCADEV), Nigeria

  • 06 / 09 / 2013, EU climate leader

    "We would like to have the EU 28 countries agreeing soon on a strong 2030 climate target and also updating its 2020 target." Czytaj dalej

    Greenpeace Central and Eastern Europe, EU

  • 05 / 09 / 2013, Steering Committee Member

    "As young people, we are looking forward to fair and legal binding climate agreement." Czytaj dalej

    Youth Climate Activists Network-Tanzania (YouthCAN), Tanzania

  • 05 / 09 / 2013, Head of department

    "This is going to be the first time pacitipating in such bigger event .Kejibaus hope to bringing more tools back to various regions that it s working for more advocacy on climate change" Czytaj dalej

    kejibaus, Nigeria