Poland's largest power utility, the PGE Capital Group generates electricity and supplies it to five million customers. The large scale of power generation operations carried out by the companies within PGE CG has a considerable impact on the environmental sustainability. Therefore, we feel responsible not only for Poland's energy security, but also for the natural environment. The Group's ambition is to conduct its business activities in a sustainable manner and in compliance with high ecological standards, as well as to combine the growth of its business with the needs of people and the natural environment. We invest in the development of clean renewable energy sources - we want to be the leader in the Polish market of renewable energy sources with at least a 40% share in the new renewable energy capacities. For many years the PGE Capital Group's companies have been implementing investment projects aimed at the protection of natural ecosystems and search for the means of minimizing interference with the environment.

For PGE CG, environmental protection is possibly the most efficient use of the available energy sources and continuous improvements in the the efficiency of lignite- and coal-based electricity generation. Depending on the specific character of the particular companies, the PGE Capital Group's pro-ecological activities concentrate on the following:

  • decreasing emissions of carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and other pollutants by developing renewable energy sources and improving the efficiency of conventional power generation assets,
  • restoring previously mined areas,
  • protecting the fauna, flora, water and soil within the context of conducted investment processes,
  • managing waste in order to achieve a more efficient use of fossil fuels and a reduction in their consumption.

Download the company overview:

PGE - company overview.pdf