Poland: A Success Story of Effective Decoupling

Costs and Benefits of the Polish Transformation

Over the past twenty years Poland has come a long way – from an economy based on central planning with inefficient industry and agriculture and poorly developed services to a market economy which has taken its place amongst the ranks of developed countries. An important indication of the course of action in the area of environmental protection for Poland is art. 5 of Polish Constitution of 1997, which refers to the principle of sustainable development.

Over the course of the transformation period in Poland there has been major progress in energy efficiency and improvement in environmental quality – one of the most significant in Europe. The energy and industrial sectors account for the largest share of this progress, due to improvements of branch indicators and because of the structural changes that took place. Most of the changes and improvements resulted from economic restructuring and privatization of state entities. Privatization of industry has led to its modernization and an increase in energy efficiency.

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